Book an Appointment Online

If you have registered to use the Patient Access service, you will be able to use this service to book appointments, or order repeat prescriptions, online.

Click here to link to Patient Access 

To Register for Patient Access

Any patient of 16 or over, can register for Patient Access.

  1. You have to visit the Practice in person to register for Patient Access.  Another person cannot do this on your behalf unless they are your registered carer and you are unable to visit the Practice.
  2. Please come to the Practice Reception and ask for a Patient Access application form. Alternativly you can download this - HERE
  3. You will need to bring along two documents, one showing proof of address (e.g Utility bill or Bank statement/letter etc) and an item of photo-ID (e.g passport, driving license, official employment ID). This is to comply with the Data Protection Act. There can be no exceptions.
  4. Once your details are verified by the Reception Administrator, you will be given a registration document that will provide you with essential information you then need to use to create an online Patient Access account.
  5. To create the online Patient Access account, please click here to link to Patient Access.

You will need to enter the numbers on your registration document to be successful. You will be given the chance to create a unique password to replace the PIN number on the registration document.  Please try to remember it as you will have to re-register if you lose it.

To Book an Appointment Online

Once you have registered for Patient Access, you can proceed to log on to Patient Access and book an appointment online.

Click here to link to Patient Access.


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