Immunisation Against Seasonal Flu - Book Now!

The flu immunisation campaign for 2016 has started! Flu immunisation (the flu jab) gives good protection against serious seasonal flu and lasts for one year.

The flu jab is usually given in October or November each year. It is made from the strain of flu virus that is expected in the coming winter. Each year the vaccine is slightly different as it is made from the strain of flu virus that is expected in the coming winter.  So you need a yearly jab to stay protected.

The adult immunisation does not contain any living flu virus, so it cannot cause flu or any other infections. If you develop a cough or cold shortly after having a flu immunisation it is a coincidence.

When are the flu clinics?

We are offering a variety of days and times to give you your flu jab. The main clinics will be held on:

Saturday 8th October 2016 09.00-12.30

Saturday 22nd October 09.00-12.30

Saturday 5th November 09.00-12.30

Saturday 19th November 09.00-12.30

Please contact reception to book your appointment.

Who should have the flu immunisation?

Current advice is that you should be immunised against the seasonal flu virus each autumn if you:

  • Are aged 65 or over
  • Have any ongoing (chronic) lung diseases
  • Have a chronic heart disease
  • Have a serious kidney disease
    Have a serious liver disease
  • Have diabetes
  • Have a poor immune system.
    Have certain serious diseases of the nervous system
  • Live in a nursing home or other long-stay residential care accommodation.

In addition to the main at-risk groups of people listed above:

  • You should be immunised if you are the main carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill with flu.
  • Staff involved in direct patient care (including nursing and care homes) may be offered a flu jab by their employer.
  • Pregnant women. Even if you are otherwise healthy it is now recommended that all pregnant women receive the flu jab.

Also in 2016-17 all children aged 2-7years old will be offered a nasal flu immunisation.