Merger Proposal Announcement

Easton Family Practice and Seymour Medical Practice wish to formally announce to patients their proposal to merge to form Charlotte Keel Medical Practice on 1 April 2015.

Given the anticipated future challenges of providing sustainable healthcare, the partners of both practices believe that merging to form a larger practice will make the organisation more resilient and will ensure that we can continue to deliver high quality clinical care to our patients.  

We also anticipate that combining the expertise of both practices and merging our clinical and administrative teams will allow us to build on the relative strengths of both practices and allow us to innovate to improve the patient experience.

We invite patients to comment on the merger proposal by means of our print and online surveys.    Please obtain a survey form from reception or log on to the practice web-site to access the online survey.

Patients are also invited to attend a meeting on Wednesday 4 February to learn more about our plans and to share their opinions about the future delivery of primary care at Charlotte Keel.   The meeting will be held in the Charlotte Keel Health Centre Group Room (Room 60) from 13.30-15.00.

As we approach the merger date, we will share more information about the practical implications of the change by means of a Charlotte Keel Medical Practice newsletter which will be available in print and on our web-site.  

In the meantime, both practices will continue to deliver care to their respective patients in the usual way.