Merger Announcement

Easton Family Practice and Seymour Medical Practice wish to formally announce to patients that we will be merging to form Charlotte Keel Medical Practice on 1 April 2015.

Given the anticipated future challenges of providing sustainable healthcare, the partners of both practices believe that merging to form a larger practice will make the organisation more resilient and will ensure that we can continue to deliver high quality clinical care to our patients.

We also anticipate that combining the expertise of both practices and merging our clinical and administrative teams will allow us to build on the relative strengths of both practices and allow us to innovate to improve the patient experience.

The practices will merge contractually on 1 April 2015 however the merger of our clinical systems will not occur until Monday 29 June 2015.

Thus, in the period from 1 April 2015 to Monday 29 June 2015, patients will continue to be cared for by the two separate practice teams.   Until Monday 29 June 2015, patients should continue to use the same telephone number, reception desk and web-site that they previously used however any new patients wishing to join the practice will be asked to register with Seymour Medical Practice.  During this period, patients may note that the practices will sometimes be referred to as Charlotte Keel Medical Practice and sometimes by our historical names of Easton Family Practice and Seymour Medical Practice.   Please rest assured we are all one organisation and the historic names will be phased out after 29 June 2015.

From Monday 29 June 2015, patients will be cared for by one team.   Prior to this date, patients will be provided with more information about the practical implications of this change by means of a further patient newsletter which will be available in print and on our web-site.

We are grateful to the patients who have already responded to our merger survey and we invite patients to continue to use the survey to express their opinions about the development of our future services.  Please obtain a survey form from reception or log on to the practice web-site to access the online survey.

Further to the patient meeting held on Wednesday 4 February, we would like to invite patients to a further meeting on Wednesday 13 May to learn more about our plans and to share their opinions about the future delivery of primary care at Charlotte Keel.   The meeting will be held in the Charlotte Keel Health Centre Group Room (Room 60) from 16.30-18.00.

Throughout this period of change, we remain committed to the delivery of high quality care to all our patients and thank you for your co-operation.