The practice was formed in 2015 by the merger to two long-standing local practices: Easton Family Practice & Seymour Medical Practice.  

These two practices can trace their roots in the area back for many decades, sited in other premises even before the original Charlotte Keel Health Centre was built in the 1950s. Each practice had its own particular interests and skills, and bringing the two together has produced a richly-mixed and newly-energised team.

The merging of the two practices coincided with a stunning rebuild of the Charlotte Keel Health Centre, a complete new IT system and the provision of additional services opening up a wealth of new opportunities. We believe that by using our long experience in the area, while grasping new resources and possibilities, puts us in a strong position to give the very best service to our patients.

As a progressive organisation, we appointed a Nurse Partner in 2007 in recognition of the increasingly important role that nurses play in the delivery of primary care services.